Retail Projects

In-store off licence, Lidl Strabane

Lidl sought to relocate their existing standalone off licence on Lifford Road to their supermarket on Branch Road. It had previously been the subject of a High Court refusal. We appraised the Judgement and in conjunction with the legal team we advised on an alternative strategy that, amongst other factors, involved undertaking and analysing detailed shoppers surveys. The licence was granted.

McSwiggan's Nisa, Magherafelt

MBA provided a feasibility study on the prospect of obtaining a standalone off licence beside McSwiggan’s supermarket. We advised on the licence to be surrendered, analysed the catchment of the supermarket and considered the patterns of movement of its shoppers. We also conducted a shopper’s survey to assess off licence purchasing habits in the area. We prepared written evidence and attended Court. The application was successful.

The National Bar, Belfast

MBA were engaged to provide advice on vicinity, adequacy and need. The application was granted and was the first new public house licence in Belfast for many years.

Pharmacy at Fiveways Retail Complex, Newry

MBA were appointed to provide evidence to the Pharmacy Practices Committee (PPC) on the issues of neighbourhood, need and adequacy. We prepared a written report and attended the hearing. The licence was granted. It was subsequently appealed to the National Appeals Panel (NAP) by a number of contractors based in the local area. We analysed the patterns of movement of shoppers of the Fiveways complex and, using the population and commercial growth in the area and other indicators of need and desire, we successfully convinced the NAP to uphold the PPC’s decision.

Diamond Bookmakers, Pomeroy

We prepared a statement dealing with the issues of locality, need and adequacy for a bookmaker’s office in this remote rural location. The Court accepted the evidence and granted the licence.