Fidler enforcement saga drawing to a close?

Monday, 9 November 2015

The High Court in England has issued an arrest warrant for a farmer who has failed to demolish the mock Tudor castle he built and hid behind straw bales for 4 years.

Robert Fidler’s long running planning saga began in 2007 when the planning authority served enforcement notices requiring the building to be demolished.

Mr Fidler’s unsuccessful appeals against the notices ended up in the Court of Appeal that concluded that the building was not substantially completed until the straw bales had been removed and so the Council had served the enforcement notices within time.

Mr Fidler subsequently sought a Certificate of Lawfulness for the building but this was refused and an appeal against the decision was dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate.

The planning authority began contempt of court proceedings after Mr Fidler failed to comply with the outstanding enforcement notices and an injunction requiring demolition.

The High Court’s recent order was a result of Mr Fidler’s failure to arrive on time for a committal hearing.